Flex2B is introducing its newest version of F2TP, a powerful solution specially designed to boost up your site connectivity. F2TP allows you to send information using the FTP protocol. 

From single sites to global wide implementations, F2TP brings a simple and automated intuitive control right to your environment.  

It provides full awareness of the information that needs to get passed by your in-house application. 

F2TP is a tested solution that can be implemented on MS. Windows NT4 and MS. Windows 2000 up to the latest versions of Windows Server OS. It can run on the server editions but also on the workstation editions of the above operating systems.

F2TP is a unique solution that allows fully automated data transferring as defined by the parameters. The tool is already implemented at several off-shore warehouses for multiple customers.

F2TP is operating through the Win32 Internet functions, available from Microsoft. The Win32® Internet functions can be used to provide applications with the ability to navigate and manipulate directories and files on any server. 

F2TP works with a set of parameters that are entered just after the installation of the application. Once these are entered, F2TP runs unattended.

F2TP can be implemented as traditional software, or it can be installed to operate as part of the operating system. Then you should install the application as a service.

FTP_L7 is a utility that allows scheduled FTP transfers from and to a FTP server, transferring data to the local host or network. It allows to be scheduled between certain hours to use the inter-network when it fits the most. F2TP is making automated backup copies on the FTP server and on the local LAN after it execution. F2TP is account and password aware. This ensures or maintains server security.  F2TP has a parameter field for indicating a proxy server to access other parts of the network or the Internet. The tool gives the opportunity to enter a list mask. This list mask will determine the files that need to be transferred when you enter the header, body and trailer mask. Optional, the data files can be automatically deleted once they are automatic backed up. The F2TP has a timer that gives the opportunity to define how often the application should execute its functionality. This might be dependent on the topology of your WAN or inter-networking environment such as routers, leased lines, dial-in etc. 

F2TP has a graphical user interface that allows users to inspect the current situation of the application.

F2TP can have multiple registrations to exchange information serial to multiple locations. It has its own set of parameters for each individual configuration.