SSCC Cards

A Stock Unit is a logistics unit. Typically, it is a pallet, a bin, a cage etc. A stock unit exists on the stacking of multiple units. These are typically boxes, sacks, bags ...

A Stock Unit needs to be a uniquely identifyable collection. Following global guidelines, it needs to have a card attached to it. Flex2B gives you the possibility to define a card that matches your own definition. It can be printed on labels or carton and needs to be attached to the unit as industrial prerequisites define it.

To give you an impression, we have added here some sample cards, some on A4 labels, others on smaller labels. These can be printed by a classic laser printer or by an industrial label printed. 

Box labels can also be printed with an individual serial number on the label for full box traceability. It implies a solution to print the labels on the production lines. These box labels can contain on top of the classic material information, the individual grower or field related information.