Server installation

Flex2B Central DB Server

- Flex2B is built on top of MS SQL Server*. We currently support MS SQL2016+ 

- Flex2B has 2 databases installed on the DB-server.

       -        F2BBase : database with startup information and distribution information.

               F2BDB10 (or similar): the database per plant / site / instance with the complete F2B-storage.

Flex2B Web Server

Flex2B has a Classic UI available for MS Windows 10/11 based workstation. Next to this, there are numerous cloud and web editions available. 
These last environments are steered by MS* Internet Information Server with the DF Web App Server edition on top of it.

Client operating environments include a wide range of Workstation operating systems such as MS Windows 10, Linux, OSx, BSD ... running browsers that are compatible with the dHtml and Html5 format. On top of this, we suggest a PDF-viewer for reports and down-loadable documents.

Flex2B Home Server

Flex2B is mostly located on a central site or share, so that workstations can access the work environment over a network connection. Mostly it will be installed on a SMB or samba share. For the convenience of a sample, we can refer to this (share) location as WMS.

So basically we could address the location as \\your_server_name\wms

Under this location, you could find 2 sub directory structures. 

.\Flex2B = home folder for the Flex2B environment

.\Common = a folder that ha sub folders for specific file transfer, etc etc

Flex2B Binaries

- Flex2B.6.2020.191.12345.exe = a specific build number of the application. (RT191)


- Flex2B-x.7.2024.230.12345-x64.exe = a specific build number of the application. (RT230)

- Flex2B-x.7.2024.240.12345-x64.exe = a specific build number of the application. (RT240)

- Flex2BControlCenter(-x64).exe = a launching application for Flex2B. It will take care that we launch the latest version of the Flex2B.x.y.z.exe There are 2 arguments when creating a shortcut.

       - WS: workstation

       - NO: no updating (should not be regulated by an ordinary workstation or user with limited rights)

- F2BDaemon-x.exe = daemon process, mostly running on the server. It can be launched with argument to auto-start particular modules.

Flex2B .ini files

- In the ./Programs directory, you will find a F2BLaunch.ini file. This file is used as the primary resource to start the application versus a particular Database server and Database. From here on, the information in that database takes over. Mostly, it will refer to F2BBase.

- In the ./Reports directory, you will find a DRConn.ini file. This file is used to defined the DSN and related connections for DFReports reports. This is particular used when creating user reports or when a translation in Flex2B itself is made versus a new production DB Server.

* All mentioned product names belong to the respective owners of the brand or product.