Client side 

- Modern Web3 based browser on Mac, Linux, Windows


       -        Firefox

       -        Safari

       -        Opera

       -        Edge

Note: Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser environment

- Modern Tablet or Touch device


       -        Android tablet

- Modern Smartphone

- PDF Reader (ie Adobe Acrobat), integrated in your client. (Browser / tablet)

- Compatible printer that can print your PDF documents

Note. Some clients block pop-ups, modal panels, streaming documents etc. This can be defined at your own client or its environment. You can indicate in any browser to allow pop-ups from specific sites. You can enter the URL that was communicated by your project leader or IT department. 


- A fast and stable client Internet connection. Please consult your own internal IT department for information and or assistance.


Technology inventory

  • Microsoft IIS
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Open architectures on
    • dHtml / html5
    • json
    • application encryptions
    • mime/graphics
  • Certificates for tunnelled security
  • Double AES encrypted sensitive data, SHA-256 + 
  • DataFlex 19.1 or 23.0 
  • Single Cloud application for browsers and touch based consumer devices (tablets…)
  • Stand alone or embedded in Flex²B 

Cloud environments

  • Flex²B and its components (ie Claims) run on
    • Customer hosted cloud
    • Softlayer Cloud
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon WS
    • DA Cloud
  • IAAS
    • Any of the above
    • Might need a POC to see what the customer can provide to 
  • PAAS
    • When the possibility to connect to the backend ERP system is available and accessible over the public internet
  • SAAS
    • Through the ORYX cloud application
      • Need to connect to backend ERP systems and they need to be accessible and available over the public internet.