Flex2B Web shows connectivity issues

When looking at any web application, we have 3 major elements that coop in such a solution.

1- The application environment (Flex2B) and the database server (DB), the LAN and the web server (OS/IIS). 
This is the element that we, Flex2B team, can monitor. When something is happening on this level, we most likely can find back a trace in the logging somewhere.

2- The infrastructure (VM/FW/ Server internet connection). 

3- The internet as from the moment it is served by the server-internet-connection towards the client (internet+browser) This can also be an element of latency and interruption.

On 1, the Flex2B team can manage & interfer. When doing tasks on it, we do them on the customers/cloud environment, but do testing over our own internet connection to see results. We usually are testing on a cable internet connection as well as a 4G mobile connection to see how responsive the application is.

The response of the application increased a lot, with round trips between 300 and 600 msecs for a complete 'create produce' to be populated. This is actually a very good response when you see the number of data that this component exchanging with the client system.  

On 2 and 3, we can not.

!Compare the round trips of your browser with the ones that we are getting. When you want to do it yourself, you can also. In the browser, open the 'developer tools' and inspect the 'network' information on it.