Quality Management

  1. Quality Management
    1. Harvest Quality Firmness

­čí║ ­čí║

Mandatory information before export management to hubs, based on packhouse master data

From the menu select Quality ­čí║ Harvest Quality ­čí║ Harvest Quality Firmness

  1. PO# field, purchase order number given during packed creation, mandatory.
    Will populate header and grid with pallet information.
  2. Pre-Conditioned Field, mandatory fill in firmness quality information of the pallet, 3 possibilities are given:
    1. Duro >= 3 kgf
    2. Ok between 1,5 & 3 kgf
    3. Priority <1,5 kgf
  3. Firmness Average, average based on real measurement
  4. Firmness Lowest, lowest value based on real measurement
  5. Temperature