Oryx has over 30 years of experience in developing software. One of our core products is Flex²B.

It is mainly  used in the Fresh Produce industry for fruit, vegetables, onions and potatoes…

Flex²B has been installed at farms, pack houses, cold stores, quality labs, distribution centers... and maintains the integrity of the produce and its whereabouts.

It implements a software solution for the complete supply chain. Flex²B is unique because it focuses on the agriculture as well as the logistics business

From the very early beginning,… the plowing or the seeding,… the Flex²B horticulture module provides pre-harvest information such as spraying, fertilization and clearance characteristics.

The first quality checks and indicators occur.

During the intake,… weights, temperature, harvest or origin and stress indications are being registered.

Flex²B is giving you the – full – operational - history of a logistics unit from the field or orchard up to the delivery...

During the receipt of the produce,… the stock units will be identified and labeled using GS1 standards.

A stock allocation is attributed.

After inwards, a first set of characteristics is attributed to the stock units. This additional knowledge can later be used in the production or for making tactical decisions.

Parallel to these operational actions, we also have a location system in place. Using this parallel tracing system, it can reveal information that is not known by just operational processes.

In its basic format, the location system can tell you where a stock unit, for instance a bin or a pallet, actual is in the storage. This is useful for the planning or positioning of your stock.

It helps to better organize the warehouse, minimize stock degeneration, fasten retrievals.

Flex²B runs next to existing administrative applications and monitors all operations and movements of a stock unit.

The next steps in the chain might contain packing or repacking, sorting, labeling, segregation, quality actions, customized operations, blocking of stock units, lab results,... up to a delivery.

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Consequently, multiple production lines have already been automated against the back end service of the solution, that guarantees correct and consistent information in the same Flex²B environment.

At your site,… there may be existing automated production lines.   Those can transparently post its information to be available in Flex²B.  

Obviously, Flex²B is able to integrate third party measurements in the solution.

Flex²B manages quality control, internal results, third party measurements, sampling, lab results, fresh produce characteristics, harvest characteristics, … and many more. All these aspects can be adapted to the sectors needs or even tailored to your line of business. Most mechanisms will result in an ‘OK’, others might result in segregations, blocking and or a full range of advices such as packing or repacking. Flex²B uses an extensible and adaptable control system based upon a waterfall mechanism in a large matrix system.  

The loading of a truck or shipments in general, are extremely important in the optimization of the stock.

Triggers are built in, to deliver stock units, that most closely match the requests. Consequently this results in a high level of stock management, improving just-in-time-delivery and build-to-order-delivery.

The failure prevention system avoids wrong shipments and enables shared-truck deliveries.

A complete set of Quality Control triggers monitors the quality of the goods, even during the delivery phase.

Food Safety is the top priority during the complete chain.

All stock units carry food safety information.  The delivery modules are working through a single set of rules, preventing any sort of delivery to the market of blocked units, for whatever reason.

Flex²B registers all operations on a stock unit, from the very early start in the field or orchard.  We register with the help of bar codes that comply with GS1 standards.  

The rich interface on characteristics together with the location management system grants you the knowledge to retrieve the most optimal stock unit from your warehouse at the most optimal time, meeting your clients demands in a most optimal way.

This mechanism helps you to avoid green loss or degeneration of produce. Consequently, it will help you to minimize your waste.

Information becomes available on all stages, at any time.

Tracking and tracing is the corner stone in the complete solution.

When your produce is protected by the Flex²B software solution, it will fulfill the important need of fast blocking, segregation and in the rare case that it might be needed, a recall.

It will protect the reputation of your brand.

From a technical point of view, Flex²B is available as a classic rich UI, and some tailored background applications. 

Since 10 years, we support a Modern Web based solution. This gives Flex²B the possibility to be deployed on a Cloud environment.

Certain applications were ported to industrial PDA's giving a fast and portable interface for industrial environments. Flex²B is written on an open standard interface, making communication with third party solution fast and easy to implement.

Oryx follows the trends and tendencies such as the introduction of tablets and smart-phones.  Flex²B constantly introduces new apps for those devices, on iOS as well as Android.  

Flex²B is built in an environment called DataFlex. DataFlex has a worldwide partner network.  Oryx can rely on these professionals to understand your business language and your needs.  

Besides the implementation of Flex²B, Oryx can consult you in a very early stage of your automation track.

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